Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants after you, oh God." ( Ps 42:1)

Today during our weekly Exec team meeting we shared what time with the Lord practically looked like in our lives. Some read a set amount of chapters a day, some read for a set amount of time. Others read until they sense they've had an encounter with God. Fasting, praying, singing ,meditating on a specific verse or on some theological concept were all variations of our collective experience. What quickly became evident was that the method was not as important as the conscious determination of maintaining a regular and intimate relationship with the Christ we serve. The psalmist did not say "As the camel gorges himself with water once a week, so I gorge myself with you". Instead, his pursuit of God happened throughout the day, every day. It's a consistent concept throughout scripture. Paul's encouragement to pray without ceasing (1Thess 5:17) is the same idea. Our communion with God is to be like a drippy faucet... drip... pray... drip... read... drip... pray... drip meditate. It's not long before the Living Water sooths our soul.
What does your time with the Lord look like?


  1. As a mom of 4, that homeschool's my time with the Lord is where ever and WHENever i can get it. I find i pray often during the day, often because the Lord has brought someone to mind. I take my Bible with me whenever i leave the house. If i find myself waiting for kids at their different activities, i will pull it out and read.... I have verses taped to walls and cupboards, as reminders of the attitudes i need to be practicing. We start our homeschool day with Bible... so we are sharing with each other what we have learned and searching God's Word for answers.

  2. reading til my eyes won't stay open anymore... or praying thanksgivings and blessings to Him over my baby girl's sleepy eyes.